Death of the PC: The authoriative guide to the death of the PC and rise of post-PC devices

Adapt to the rise of smartphones and tablets in the enterprise

Smartphones and tablets are changing the IT landscape in the enterprise.

"Death of the PC" is the only guide written specifically to help CTOs adapt to the opportunities afforded and threats created by this shift.

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What's the book about?

Chapter 1 - Post-PC Defined

In Chapter 1 we start by looking at a possible definition for post-PC. This is done by examining seven attributes that tend to be more pronounced in post-PC devices that in traditional PC devices. Those attributes form the foundation for the rest of the book as we go on and look at how those attributes affect the value that people get out of their devices.

Chapter 2 - Post-PC Exemplified

In Chapter 2 we look at examples of post-PC devices that have been successful, as well as those that have not been as successful. We examine the attributes that we looked at in Chapter 1 and validate them against what we know about the commercial relevancy of each example device.

Chapter 3 - The Enterprise Niche

In Chapter 3 we start to look at how the job that we do in the enterprise is changing because of the new opportunities afforded by post-PC, and the propensity of users to bring post-PC devices into the enterprise under the radar of the IT department.

Chapter 4 - Post-PC at Home

In Chapter 4 we dig deeper into what people actually use post-PC devices for in domestic and social settings. This helps us start to understand what people are looking to achieve when they bring post-PC devices into work environments, as the motivation for bringing post-PC into the work environment typically starts from the user's experience of the devices at home.

Chapter 5 - Post-PC at Work

In Chapter 5 we turn to look at how people use post-PC devices in work settings. This is a detailed examination in the first way that post-PC devices can affect the work and strategy of the IT department by looking at pressures introduced "bottom-up" from the user base.

Chapter 6 - Investing in Post-PC

In Chapter 6 we look at how we can make the most of the opportunities afforded by post-PC in commercial settings. This chapter sits alongside Chapter 5 by looking at the IT department can balance the "bottom-up" pressures from the user base by introducing "top-down" strategies that work for the organisation and the users.

Chapter 7 - The Future of Post-PC

In Chapter 7 we turn our gaze out and look into the future to see what happen after the post-PC era concludes, and what possible technologies might replace the smartphones, tablets, and associated services that we find today.

Praise for
"Death of the PC"

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  • The observation that tablets absolutely are creation devices just like their grown up brothers but creating something different, not documents but connections and human interaction is inspirational. (Mr. P. Winstanley)
  • The author has managed to create an enlightening guide that explains the decline of the PC and the rise of post-PC devices. (rippo)
  • I think IT guys are gonna find the book very interesting. (Taliesin)
  • This is an informative and interesting book that I would strongly recommend to anyone with even a passing interest in technological trends. It would be especially useful to the professionals who depend on the deeper understanding of these trends as a part of their job. (Dr. Bojan Tunguz)
  • One hears so many varied opinions on this very subject all the time; it's a great thing to read in stark black and white the reality of the situation. (Kelsey Tidwell)
  • I think the people who would most like this book are folks in charge of computer operations and entrepreneurs (CxO's). It could help them understand what the whole value of using non-PC devices is in the real world. (MB)

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